biological equation

biological equation
биологическое равновесие

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  • Biological value — (BV) is a measure of the proportion of absorbed protein from a food which becomes incorporated into the proteins of the organism s body. It summarises how readily the broken down protein can be used in protein synthesis in the cells of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Biological half-life — For other uses, see Half life (disambiguation). The biological half life or elimination half life of a substance is the time it takes for a substance (for example a metabolite, drug, signalling molecule, radioactive nuclide, or other substance)… …   Wikipedia

  • Biological neuron model — A biological neuron model (also known as spiking neuron model) is a mathematical description of the properties of nerve cells, or neurons, that is designed to accurately describe and predict biological processes. This is in contrast to the… …   Wikipedia

  • Differential equation — Not to be confused with Difference equation. Visualization of heat transfer in a pump casing, created by solving the heat equation. Heat is being generated internally in the casing and being cooled at the boundary, providing a steady state… …   Wikipedia

  • Radiative transfer equation and diffusion theory for photon transport in biological tissue — Photon transport in biological tissue can be equivalently modeled numerically with Monte Carlo simulations or analytically by the radiative transfer equation (RTE). However, the RTE is difficult to solve without introducing approximations. A… …   Wikipedia

  • Lotka–Volterra equation — The Lotka–Volterra equations, also known as the predator prey equations , are a pair of first order, non linear, differential equations frequently used to describe the dynamics of biological systems in which two species interact, one a predator… …   Wikipedia

  • Diffusion equation — The diffusion equation is a partial differential equation which describes density fluctuations in a material undergoing diffusion. It is also used to describe processes exhibiting diffusive like behaviour, for instance the diffusion of alleles in …   Wikipedia

  • Fisher's equation — In mathematics, Fisher s equation, also known as the Fisher Kolmogorov equation, named after R. A. Fisher and A. N. Kolmogorov, is the partial differential equation: frac{partial u}{partial t}=u(1 u)+frac{partial^2 u}{partial x^2}., For every… …   Wikipedia

  • Henderson–Hasselbalch equation — In chemistry, the Henderson–Hasselbalch (often misspelled as Henderson–Hasselbach ) equation describes the derivation of pH as a measure of acidity (using pKa, the acid dissociation constant) in biological and chemical systems. The equation is… …   Wikipedia

  • Drake equation — or Green Bank equation Equation claimed to yield the number of technically advanced civilizations capable of interstellar communication in the Milky Way Galaxy as a function of several factors conducive to evolution of intelligent life with… …   Universalium

  • Integrodifference equation — In mathematics, an integrodifference equation is a recurrence relation on a function space, of the following form:: n {t+1}(x) = int {Omega} k(x, y), f(n t(y)), dy,where {n t}, is a sequence in the function space and Omega, is the domain of those …   Wikipedia

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